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Senior Minister

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Contact the clergy and staff through email or call 256-8383. After office hours, you may leave a voice message by entering the extension when the Shandon recording begins.

Senior Minister
Rev. Smoke Kanipe ext. 103

Minister of Evangelism and Outreach
Rev. Shannon Bullion ext. 102

Minister of Assimilation and Discipleship
Rev. James Grubb ext. 111

Minister of Music & Arts
Rev. Eddie Huss ext. 104

Director of Christian Education & Programs
Lesli Wood ext. 108

Director of Adult Studies
Ruthie Taylor ext. 134

Director of Youth Ministries
Jamie McCutcheon ext. 120

Director of Preschool Children and Family Ministries
Heather Corley, ext. 119

Director of Elementary Children and Family Ministries
Susan Curran, ext. 119

Director of Older Adult Ministries
Susan Curran, ext. 119

Director of Communications
Melanie Owen ext. 112

Music Associate/Organist
Debbie Bauer ext. 123

Director of Celebration Choir
Ann Philbeck

Business Administrator
Nancy Probst ext. 107

Financial Administrative Assistant;
Administrative Assistant, Associate Ministers
Norma Weldon ext. 113

Administrative Assistant, Senior Minister/Music and Arts
Jennifer Cox ext. 101

Administration and Communication Coordinator, Education
Tanesha Rowe ext. 109

Director of Kitchen Ministries
Timothy Scott ext. 127

Director of Preschool & Kindergarten
Carla Graf 256-1498

Childcare Coordinator
Katy Tevepaugh

Custodial Staff
Travis Brown, Willie Brown, Mingo Brunson, Mel Heatley,
John Whetstone





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