Centering our lives in God

Shandon members, as United Methodists, believe each of us is called to share God’s love by participating in the ministry of Jesus Christ. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, saw our work in the simplest terms: “Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can.” We follow in Wesley’s footsteps by being good stewards.

A biblical understanding of “steward” begins with the affirmation that all of creation belongs to God. All that we have – time, talents, treasures, health, wealth, environment, etc. – is given to us by God to use and care for responsibly.

Stewardship is living out what happens when we center our lives in God.

Perhaps another word for stewardship is love — God’s love working upon and through us. It would be wonderful if we could personally reach out and share God’s love with everyone but we know that’s impossible. So we gather regularly at church and through Shandon’s ministries we can reach out together. Through our Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness, each person truly makes a difference.

Prayer brings us close to God so that through that relationship we might increasingly reflect God’s love in our lives.

Our presence through worship, learning and fellowship are centering places for the church’s dynamic community. We come to meet God, be in God’s presence, give God praise, hear God speak, respond to God’s call, and be touched by God’s grace.

Proportional giving is a spiritual discipline that helps us put God first in our lives. Throughout scripture, we are reminded of the importance of giving back a portion of what God has so generously provided. In particular, we are called to “tithe,” which means to give one-tenth of our income to God’s work. Shandon has several Ways to Give.

Everyone has special God-given talents. Authentic ministry takes place when a person uses his or her special gifts to meet a need. At Shandon, you can find a place to share no matter your level of skill, time availability or spiritual development.

As members of the body of Christ, we are all called to extend God’s grace to others by sharing the love and hope that God has brought into our lives.

Stewardship 2022

Re-committing our Lives to God
I Want to Put God at the Center…
Use this form to make your commitment to support Shandon’s 2022 Stewardship Campaign. If you have any questions about a financial commitment, contact Nancy Probst at 256-8383, ext. 107 or