Columbarium & Memorial Garden

Serving our members through life and beyond

The Columbarium and Memorial Garden, located on the church grounds, is a quiet and peaceful place for meditation, prayer and remembrances.

A Columbarium is a wall of multiple cineraria, sometimes called niches, for the placement of urns containing the cremated ashes of loved ones or family members. Shandon offers the reservation of niches, which like cemetery plots, provide a planned place for life’s end. We believe that inurnment on the church grounds is a statement of our faith in the resurrection, the life everlasting and the church triumphant. We believe that inurnment within church grounds is an appropriate last resting place for the earthly remains of those who loved the church in life.

The Memorial Garden is the area containing the Columbarium niches and also contains walls for Memorial Tablets which are brass plates with engraved names to memorialize persons buried elsewhere. The garden is also a quiet, peaceful place for prayer and meditation. It is located directly beside the sanctuary so visiting and meditations are convenient.

Shandon ministers provide inurnment services. Other ordained ministers may provide inurnment services under the direction of Shandon’s senior minister.

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