Room Reservation

Providing spaces for church life

Church doesn’t just happen on Sunday mornings. Shandon is a dynamic, active church community with a lot going on…  church events and activities, classes and small group gatherings, committee meetings, lunches and dinners along with outreach organization events.

To reserve a room or any space (indoor/outdoor) for a Shandon ministry, Shandon-member activity or an outreach organization event, please fill out our convenient online form.

For more information please contact Debbie Bauer at 803-256-8383 or Please give a phone number where you can be reached for more information.

For small group meetings, please submit the online form at least two weeks prior to the event, and for large group meetings of 20 or more people, please submit the online form at least a month prior to your requested date. Reservations should be confirmed prior to publicizing your event. A reservation form may be required and rental/custodial fees may also apply based upon your group’s needs and the space reserved.

Maintenance Fees

Due to the rising costs of building maintenance and custodial services, we are publicizing our Maintenance Fees as part of our church’s procedures for hosting community groups and non-church events on our campus. These fees, as listed, will be effective as of Jan. 1, 2022. We welcome community groups and are dedicated to sharing our facilities with not-for-profit groups and agencies. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to work towards faithfully stewarding our facilities to serve our community.

Maintenance Fee for Player Hall or Wesley Hall: $50
Gym: $200
A/V Equipment (includes projector screen and A/V cart with projector, desktop speakers, and laptop): $25

Requests for usage of rooms/spaces on campus as well as church calendar requests can be made by contacting Debbie Bauer, Organist and Music Associate, at

Fees associated with weddings as well as the process for scheduling a wedding are available by contacting Annette Hammond, Administrative Assistant to the Sr. Minister, at